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Hazardous Waste Mistakes

If an item is flammable or poisonous, it’s hazardous. Often, when sent to a landfill, they damage soil, water, and air. This is why you have to dispose of your hazardous materials responsibly. So, keep on reading about hazardous waste mistakes.

When You Dispose of Batteries

Batteries contain toxic chemicals. When it comes to getting rid of them, take notes:
Identify the type of battery to know if it’s recyclable. There are two types of batteries: Regular batteries and universal waste batteries. The second type contains toxic materials and has to be disposed of properly. The materials can be harmful and pose many risks.

When You Dispose of Paint

There are toxins in paint. So, it’s essential to understand the importance of safe disposals.
Don’t pour it down the drain. Also, identify the type of paint to know how to get rid of it. And remember not to leave paint without a lid.
If you want to get rid of it, don’t just throw it. You can add cat litter to your latex paint. Let the mixture sit for an hour, then remove it and throw the dried paint.

When You Dispose of Propane

These tanks can have negative effects if they explode. They always have residual propane inside. So, even when they seem empty, you have to be careful.
Here are some tips to deal with its disposal: Don’t bring it indoors to avoid the risk of explosion, don’t fill a damaged tank, and don’t leave it in your car.

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