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Structural Safety In Construction

Structural Safety In Construction

Earthquakes are sudden natural events. That occur due to the movement of tectonic plates. And as the years go by, the more our civilization grows. The greater the risk of great damage to buildings. However, advances in engineering have increased. So, how do companies make buildings resistant to earthquakes? The simple answer is the implementation. of the structural safety in construction.

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What is structural safety?

Structural safety is the least guidelines that the structure must comply. With to guarantee the integrity of the people. In the face of various natural disasters. It must also follow the serviceability limit state and the failure limit state. There are general criteria and provisions according to the area. For example, there are special regulations for earthquakes. Winds, concrete structures. Steel structures and foundations. Therefore, structural safety defines the bases. And least general requirements. In the design of structures with the goal. Of offering the most safety. Against the highest possible seismic action.
Structural Safety In A Construction
Structural Safety In Building Construction

Anti seismic materials

Anti seismic materials are a fundamental element. For which technology is the main tool. Above all, the main ones are seismic dampers. They help to disperse the energy of an earthquake. Taking the vibrations. Made of natural rubber sheets and steel plates. Also, there are also diagonal support structures. These are in charge of giving support to the building. By placing large steel beams. So that they vibrate differently during an earthquake.

Superframe structure

Here, top beams, external columns and dampers are in the same line. In short, by optimizing space within the building. And ensuring greater structural safety. In conclusion, is important to emphasize that this type of implementation. Goes hand in hand with sustainable construction. Both create super structures. that have changed the construction industry. By using ecological construction materials.