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How To Move Your Furniture Safely

How To Move Your Furniture Safely

It is well known that if furniture is lifted incorrectly you can suffer injuries of all kinds. But we do it anyway because sometimes we don’t have anyone to help us. So here are some tips on how to move your furniture safely.
There are many ways and techniques to move a piece of furniture from one place to another. Depending on which one suits you best.
We can make use of some tools that will save us time and weight. Like ramps, lifting straps, glides, shoulder dollies, etc.

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The first advice we give you is that when you try to lift furniture, always do it from the legs. Keeping your back straight without leaning forward. This will prevent you from over straining your spine.
It is very important to keep in mind that when doing this kind of work, we have to wear the right clothes. The main thing is get shoes that prevent you from slipping and that are hard in case something falls on your foot.
An overall and hard gloves will protect you against any scratches.
Once you have analyzed the situation and decided which furniture to take out first. Start to lift always without exceeding the height of your shoulders.
Move Your Furniture Safely
If you are going to carry furniture up a staircase, it is a good idea to first check the stairs for any type of damage that could cause you to fall.
Many times furniture can disassembled and even if it takes you more time, it is better. This way you will avoid wearing out your body faster.
If you have an assistant, you can use the moving straps. They will help distribute the weight around the arms and forearms. They are ideal for carrying furniture such as sofas or refrigerators.
Remember that to carry bookcases or desks, it is necessary to take out the things inside them. Then wrap them in hard blankets to prevent them from getting scratched if they hit any surface.