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Remove And Recycle Your Old Dishwasher

Remove And Recycle Your Old Dishwasher

At some point, our household appliances stop working properly. Especially if they have been with us for some time. We can repair but sometimes it is better to replace them with new ones. What we are not clear is what we should do when this happens. If we have to donate it or haul it? That’s why our experts took on the task of creating this post. So you can know how to remove and recycle your old dishwasher.

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Tools you need

Voltage Meter
Adjustable Wrench

Remove Your Dishwasher

Before doing anything, we must make sure that our dishwasher is off. After turning off the circuit that feeds the dishwasher. We have to place some towels or rags to prevent the floor from getting wet while we work.
Recycle And Remove Your Old Dishwasher

Then, check if there is any sign of leakage or if the line presents corrosion. If it is the case we must close the main faucet of the sink to cut the water supply. Now we can proceed to disconnect the dishwasher line. From the supply and disconnect the drain hose. If your dishwasher has a bottom panel we need to remove it so we can remove the power cords and water lines. Once we have done that, we need to unscrew the front and rear legs to remove it. We must be very careful in this part since we are going to check if our dishwasher is still running.

And for that we will use our voltage meter. To finish the dismantling, we must remove the electrical box. Unscrew the wires and separate them, the green, the white and the black. To finish we must remove it from the cabinet being careful not to get hurt. For a recycle it, the most advisable thing is to opt for a hauling service since they are too heavy. And the professionals know the best way to recycle its components in a responsible way. Always consider a reputable company to avoid the common mistakes that small hauling companies make.