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Revert Plastic Back Into Oil

Many countries have developed a system to produce oil from waste plastic. Taking into consideration that the price is on the rise, it is the best solution. So, keep on reading to learn more about how to Revert Plastic Back Into Oil.



Envion, founded in 2004 revealed that this new technology involves extracting the hydrocarbons from plastic. Also, according to the company’s website, the Envion Oil Generator is both efficient and environmentally sensitive. This is just what makes is the best alternative!

Furthermore, the machine accepts most forms of waste plastic, without the necessity for pre-sorting or cleaning. And is ready to handle plastic already sitting in landfill sites.  Remember that within the US only 4% of the plastic waste gets recycled. Thus, there’s a lot of work for Envion.

 Envion is also developing an application of the technology to convert car tires into oil. Although some will challenge that more oil consumption isn’t what we need, Envion has come up with a commercially attractive solution to the matter of plastic waste. This is absolutely a huge appeal to local authorities for whom waste management is an increasing struggle.

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