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The Health Benefits of Cleaning

For health and safety’s sake, it’s probably best to leave your property clean more often than semi-annually. Also, it is necessary after or before moving or after a construction. So, keep on reading to find out more about the health benefits of cleaning.

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Goodbye Respiratory Issues

A clean home leaves fewer places for germs and bacteria to hide. Plus, dust and allergens build up in carpeting, bedding and upholstery over time. Dust and pet dander are two major triggers for asthma, which is a significant problem among children. Then, to stay on top of dust and dander, vacuuming frequently will trap and hold on to problematic particles.

Pest-proof your home. Frequent cleaning can also help keep household pests from settling in. Also, watch for water. Water leaks and damp areas can provide a place for mold and mildew to flourish. And ventilation is important; run a fan, and open windows and doors to air out fumes.

Dangerous falls

About half of all falls happen inside the home, where clutter can be a serious hazard. This is why it is important to clear the floors. Keep floors as obstacle-free as possible by removing items like books, clothes and shoes from stairs and other places where you walk.

Disrupted concentration

One effect of living in a cluttered environment: Your ability to focus on tasks can suffer. When we’re surrounded by stuff, we’re much more distractible and less able to focus. And that’s especially true for kids who are trying to read or do homework.

To keep clutter to a minimum, it’s a good idea to go through the bins (plus closets, cabinets, drawers and kitchen pantries) once or twice a year to see what you can throw out, recycle or donate.

You’ll feel less stressed

Your stress levels are linked to your space. So, getting your house in order can help you manage stress. And couldn’t we all benefit from meaningful ways to reduce stress in our lives?

In short, the health benefits of a clean home are obvious. If you want to keep yourself and your family healthy, cleaning on a regular basis is a must. So, do you know where to find a junk removal service? Call La Grange. And don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more about residential junk removal La Grange. Remember that Junk removal La Grange offers FREE estimates. So, why wait? We offer residential and commercial junk removal La Grange.