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Yard waste benefits?

The interesting thing about all the organic waste material is that most of us traditionally rake it up, cram it into a green waste barrel. And then go back to repeat the process a few weeks later. All that “waste” and yard debris is actually beneficial. You might be thinking that you don’t have to rake all that stuff up anymore. But… not quite. So, yard waste benefits? Keep on reading to learn more.

How Organic Yard Waste Benefits Your Space

Many people are re-discovering the benefits of composting, especially for recycling their yard trimmings and organic debris. Learn more about the benefits with us!

When it comes to your yard, all the organic matter, including leaves, grass clippings and yard trimmings can be reused and recycled. In fact, recycling as much as possible in your own yard eliminates the need for using other chemical. Also, one of the main ingredients your lawn and other landscaping plants need to survive and thrive is nutrients. So, instead of using chemical or even organic-based fertilizers from the store, you can reuse what you already have.

Instead of bagging up your grass clippings after mowing, leave them on the lawn where they will decompose. In this way, they return nutrients back to the soil. Just make sure to avoid cutting grass less than one inch. Another great way to reuse is with dried leaves or shredded wood waste. Furthermore, you can spread mulch in thin layers around the base of plants. This prevents weed growth, retains water and regulates soil temperature.

The major benefit of compost is that it’s an organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Thus, it is possible to make a significant reduction in the amount of waste.

Tips For Composting and Minimizing Your Waste

Building and using a compost bin is fairly easy. You need a dry, shady area near a water source. A level spot in your yard is best, preferably off to one side or in a corner, that provides about a three-to-five foot square space. Build three sides, if you can, or at least a back to help support your pile.

Another beneficial aspect of yard waste is having less of it. So, why wait? Yard waste benefits are endless! Keep all the good and benefitial waste, but get rid of the rest! Then, you know you need Junk pickup Chicago.

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