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4 Summer Cleaning Tips from the Experts at La Grange Junk Removal

Maybe you’re fighting boredom during quarantine. Well, now’s the time to clean, purge and refresh your home. Having a clean, decluttered home can bring some peace and calm during this stressful time. So, if you’re motivated to get your house in order, here are 4 Summer Cleaning Tips from the Experts at La Grange Junk Removal.

1. Create a Plan

First, work smarter, not harder! You need to devise a plan to ensure you’re working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Also, writing down your goals will help. Do you want to purge your home of unwanted items and start fresh? In this way you can prioritize each task. And, of course, have your cleaning tools and supplies ready.

2. Deep Clean One Room at a Time

It’s much better to tackle a deep-cleaning project one room at a time. When you completely focus on one room at a time, you can make the best of it. Also, when you commit to cleaning one room at a time, you can truly evaluate your needs and the purpose of that space.

3. RePurpose a Whole Room if you feel like it

Maybe the guest room turned into some kind of storage closet. Well, now it’s time to reclaim that space and give it a new purpose. Get the most out of this space so you don’t feel the need to keep the door closed to hide the mess. Furthermore, that space can be transformed into a meditation room or craft space.

4. Your home LOOKS clean?

Just because your home LOOKS clean, that doesn’t mean your work is done. Musty, stale odors may be lurking in every corner of your home. Opening up all the windows to let the fresh air in is a good start. Then, it’s important to find the source of the smells. In the kitchen, you can use a simple box of baking soda to absorb odors in the fridge. Also, in the bathroom, remember that hair and other debris can trap bacteria in your pipes. And for all the other areas of your home, it’s just about regular maintenance. Washing your bedding once a week and shampooing your carpets at least once a year are a must.

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