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Junk & Trash Removal Cost

Most companies charge based on the volume of trash you have, required surcharges such as permits, and your location. It’s advisable to contact Junk Removal Chicago upfront and get an estimate. So, keep on reading to learn more about Junk & Trash Removal Cost.

The most common way that junk removal services charge is by the truckload. One full load in a trash removal truck is equal to around 4 pick-up truck loads.

Also, some companies offer onsite pricing, which gives the homeowner a quick and accurate price for junk removal. Another alternative is an online pricing estimate. The online estimator is based on the average size of an item and the pricing in your local area. The size of any item may vary, and that will affect your overall price.

How do Junk & Trash Removal Companies Charge?

Junk removal services charge their final price either by the type or volume of the junk and the number of truckloads it takes to haul away. Typically you can expect costs of $1.50 per ft3 or $450 per full garbage truck. Additional pricing factors include:

  • Vehicle operating cost
  • Labor
  • Admin cost – bookkeeping, marketing, employee overheads
  • Number of workers required on the job
  • Length of time loading will take
  • Drop-off fees
  • Hazardous waste fees
  • Return on certain items through sales of scrap metal, etc.

Where are the best Junk Removal Prices?

Our licensed, insured, junk removal company operates a recycling-based operation. We offer free estimates as a part of our service. We show up on time at your location and provide you with a free written estimate. If you’re happy with the estimate, we will haul our items right then and there. So, why wait? Here is cost-effective Junk Removal Pricing.

We pay our trained workers a fair market rate. Our operators are insured and we dispose of items properly. Also, we recycle up to 70% of every job which is better for our communities and the planet. Then, for low minimums, free estimates and the best service, contact La Grange. We offer Commercial and Residential Junk Removal La Grange IL.

So, why wait?  So, Call La Grange. And don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more about Junk pickup Chicago and Junk & Trash Removal Cost.