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Consequences Of Not Recycling Plastic

Consequences Of Not Recycling Plastic

As we all know, plastic is one of the main wastes that pollute the environment. This is because companies generate more plastic than we need. To create more demand for their products. That is why it is important to know the consequences of not recycling plastic. Especially because plastic takes between 100 and 1,000 years to degrade. In addition, if we recycle plastic, we will be consuming less raw materials. And less natural and non-renewable energy resources, avoiding the depletion of these resources.

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Effects of not recycling plastic
There are small pieces of plastic in the seas from the decomposition of larger plastics. Most marine animals ingest it, causing digestion problems and even death.
They also affect the economy, especially in the fishing sector. Many beaches contain large amounts of plastic and human waste. which seriously affects tourism.
Studies indicate that a person can ingest more than 100 microplastic particles in each meal. And although the effects are not yet known.
Consequences Of Not Recycling Plastic Appropriately

Everything points to the fact that this ingestion may pose a risk. In addition, some microplastics have even found into the blood of people. Which says enough about the dangers of not recycling.

How can we reduce the risk?
There are different ways to reduce the use of plastic. This would significantly reduce the damage to the environment. The most important are to ban single-use plastics. Such as disposable cups and plastic bags.
These two are the cause of a large amount of litter. It better to avoid using them. The second would be to improve the quality controls of the companies in charge of manufacturing plastics. In order to save money, they use processes that make them of lower quality and durability, so you have to buy more and more. To avoid further damage to the environment and put our integrity at risk. We recommend that you hire a garbage collection service so that the experts can take care of proper recycling.

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