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Remove Your Old Carpeting

Remove Your Old Carpeting

Many times we want to give a new image to our house. That implies getting rid of all the things that we no longer use or that are very old. That is the case of carpeting, which is always very dirty or ripped.
So today, we show you how to remove your old carpeting. The first thing to keep in mind is that carpets keep a lot of dust and small insects. That is why it is important to use gloves, face mask and glasses.

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First of all, we need to remove all the furniture from the room. Also vacuum before starting, so we will avoid raising dust and dirtying the whole house.
We will start by using a utility knife to separate the carpet from the floor. If you find it difficult, you can use a pair of pins to get a better grip when pulling the carpet. A pro tip to do it faster is to cut large strips of carpet, so you will struggle less than trying to remove a whole piece.
Once you finish removing the top of the carpet. You will need to remove the glue and the remaining carpet. For that, you can use a scraper or pliers to remove the staples from the floor.
Remove Your Old Carpet
When you’re done, it’s time to clean the entire area. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or allergens on the floor. Then wash the floor thoroughly, using any floor cleaner of your choice.
Remember to let it dry for a full day and make sure that there is no glue or staples are left behind to make it easier to install the next carpet. We recommend you to hire a professional cleaning service to take care of everything. This way you will avoid washing the entire floor of your house. Also a Junk removal service to get rid of your old carpet and not have to deal with it.