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Ever Wonder Where Your Trash Goes?

We throw lots of things away from day to day but most of us don’t think about where these items are ultimately going to end up. Ever Wonder Where Your Trash Goes? The best place for unwanted items to end up is at a proper recycling facility.

While not all items can be recycled, much of what we dispose of can be recycled and reused. So it makes the least amount of impact on the environment.

The resources for recycling are in place. If everyone does their part we could easily see a 60 percent recycling rate nationwide.

Also, most items can be broken down into the individual components and recycled. For example, you can recycle old furniture. The metal in furniture is generally melted down and reused and wood is ground up and used to make composite board. This becomes new furniture and other wooden items.

Thus, much of what we dispose of is recyclable. But the problem is that the resources for recycling are not all easily accessible.

This is where La Grange Junk Removal can help. We are experts at recycling and will make sure any items we remove find the proper facility.

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