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Creating A Culture of Cleanliness

When a window is left broken unrepaired, more windows become broken signaling an attitude that “no one cares”. This is true in run down and prominent communities alike. Here is everything you need to know about Creating A Culture of Cleanliness.

An article from The Boston Globe described how researchers from Harvard and Suffolk University working with local police identified 34 crime hotspots to observe activity.

In half of the locations they cleared trash from sidewalks, fixed street lights, sent away loiterers and secured abandoned properties. In the other half the normal services continued.

Community Behavior Mimics The Environment

Researchers found that more disorderly conditions bread more bad behavior. And that fixing this patron was effective in preventing such behavior. Also, they found that clearing up the physical environment was extremely effective compared to arrests and boosting social services in areas. The results indicate that a disorderly environment sends the message that no one is in charge.

Your actions are critical to Creating A Culture of Cleanliness. And not only is leaving trash out in the community an eyesore, it increases the risk for everyone living there. So, each of us have a part to play in keeping our communities safe and comfortable.

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