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How Is Construction Debris Recycled?

How Is Construction Debris Recycled?

Construction sites are one of the places where most debris exist. This causes a lot of waste mixed with other. And contaminate the environment when is in the landfills. To avoid that, there are many ways to recycle. But How Is Construction Debris Recycled? There are many ways as it all depends on the type of material. These processes are usually special and must have a precise separation control. In order not to contaminate the different recycling processes.

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Recycling processes
The first thing is the collection of the construction debris in the loading truck. The truck with the waste load arrives at the plant. And collect the provenance information.
Waste separation
There are several types of waste sorting. In the first one, First, they sorted the largest waste such as wood, cardboard, plastics and metals. Smaller waste goes to the next stage of recycling.
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How is construction waste recycled correctly?
In the second part they pass through a giant drum called Trommer. This drum is a metallic cylinder formed by perforated meshes. Or plates that rotates on its axis. The result is a screening of the material, which separates the solids by size.
Types of separation
There are two types of separation, pneumatic and magnetic. Each has its own qualities, for example. Pneumatic separation uses jets of air to separate less dense. Or heavy waste from denser or heavier waste.
While magnetic separation consists of a powerful magnet. That attracts all the debris and ferrous materials. From the spoil pile as it moves along a conveyor belt. There is also manual sorting. Where the waste continues its journey through the conveyor belt. Where several operators are in charge of inspecting the material. And separating it according to type.
Final steps
The final step is crushing. In this step they shred all the debris in different sizes. Depending on the purpose of it’s reuse.

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