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What Are The Types Of Construction Debris?

What Are The Types Of Construction Debris?

When we are in the middle of a remodeling or construction project. there is always waste to dispose of. So there is debris left behind that we end up removing to the dumpsters. But not all debris is the same. So, What Are The Types Of Construction Debris? Knowing what the types of construction debris are. Is very important as knowing their classification. This will help us when it comes to handling and storing them for proper recycling.

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Types of debris
We can classify debrise in 3 types. First we have inert debris. They are those that do not harm nature. Because they do not react chemically, physically or biologically to anything. They are not dangerous but rather they are environmentally friendly. A large percentage of the debris caused in a construction site is of this type.
Here we can find all wastes such as concrete, tiles, bricks, sand, etc. These types of processed materials have a second use for different projects.
Types and Classification Of Construction Debris

Then we find the special debris, which are hazardous wastes. Not harmful to the physical health of the worker. But they do harm the health of the environment. Such as fluorescent bulbs or neon lights. Paint or solvent containers, asbestos, among others.                                        Finally, we have non-hazardous debris. Which are materials that, as long as they do not undergo any change in their original composition. Are not toxic or hazardous to the environment. Here we can find wood, cardboard, paper, textile material and metals.

Good handling of these materials is of great help, not only to avoid accidents. It also has a positive impact on the environment. This benefits us, since we reduce costs and optimize the performance of our work. We also benefit the recycling sector by separating the debris correctly. We can generate good quality materials.

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