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What To Do With Leftover Garage Sale Items

What To Do With Leftover Garage Sale Items

We know that when we need to get rid of something it is not easy. Many times days, weeks or even months can go by and we can’t sell it. Some things are more visually appealing than others. Or simply has more utility. If you already looked for a way to get rid of those things and it just doesn’t work. Don’t worry, we tell you what to do with leftover garage sale items quickly and easily.

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Think like a buyer

To begin with, it is necessary to make a list of all the items that were not sold at our garage sale. We must look for simple alternatives to make them more attractive to the public. For example, one of the things that works perfectly is to put yourself in people’s shoes. What would they like to buy. If you have an old armchair the best thing to do is to clean it from head to toe to make it as acceptable as possible. Then take some nice pictures of the chair to upload on Facebook Market Place or Ebay. For this we will need to make a scene of what it would look like in a living room or bedroom.

Donating is another way to contribute to society

Many times we need some things to make our life easier. The same happens with the people most in need and affected by natural disasters. Or people who find themselves in unfavorable situations. There is no better way to help than donating things that we no longer use and that are still in good condition. There are many non-profit organizations that collect furniture or appliances. Like Habitat for Humanity Chicago or The Salvation Army. Remember that if you want to do it on your own, you should know how to safely dispose your household appliances and how to move your furniture.