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Clean Up After A Renovation

Clean Up After A Renovation

In renovation projects, always be very careful with debris and dust. It is advisable to clean it every day to prevent it from accumulating gradually. It is possible to do it at the end of the project as long as you have the right tools and knowledge. In case you have no prior knowledge, we made this detailed guide for you to know how to clean up after a renovation.

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Before you begin
It is important to note that before starting the cleanup, debris must be properly removed. There are different types of debris, and each should manipulate with great care. To prevent injuries caused by construction debris. We recommend you to hire a professional cleaning service. That we may find that could be hard for you. We need: face mask, mop, vacuum cleaner. A resistant plastic gloves, floor cleaning solution, dust mops or towels.
Clean Up After A Remodeling
How to clean correctly
It is good to make a checklist, for example. First start by cleaning the walls, furniture, ceiling and windows. Then sweep, mop the floor. We can start with the kitchen and the bathroom. There we will have to put our best effort. Since they are the places where use more construction materials in a renovation.
Start by vacuuming and dusting all kind of surfaces. We must be very careful not to scratch them. Trying to clean them with a soft cloth and a multipurpose cleaning spray.

This will keep everything sparkling clean. The same for the faucets and mirrors, as an extra tip remember to clean the mirrors with the lights off. this will avoid stains. Remember to clean appliances as well. Dust and debris particles are usually stored inside them. Clean entrances and exits, as well as hallways. For that we must vacuum everywhere and then start sweeping until all the dust is gone. We start sweeping the area to make sure that no dust remains. To avoid making mud when we mop.