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How To Prepare For A Natural Disaster

How To Prepare For A Natural Disaster

Lately we are going through a lot of natural disasters. Maybe it has to do with global warming and environmentally polluting waste. What is certain is that we are too vulnerable when it comes to these types of catastrophes. Fortunately, we can prevent a fatal outcome if we are ready. That is why we took on the task of making this post so you know how to prepare for a natural disaster.

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Have an emergency kit

It is very important to always have an emergency kit on hand. We do not know at what moment a dangerous situation may arise where we will have to use it.
What we must have is:
-Bottled water
-Canned goods
-First aid supplies
-Batteries and emergency equipment (radio, flashlight, whistles, etc.)
How To Gear Up For A Natural Disaster
How To Get Ready For A Natural Disaster

Pre-incident preparations

Important keep the documents sealed in a waterproof backpack or suitcase. This way we will avoid losing them forever in case of a flood or fire. You can also choose to keep them in a sealed vault. Also, Check your house for cracks or openings where water can pass through. Fill the gaps with sandbags or waterproof silicone.
Turn off and disconnect any electrical appliances and turn off the power supply.

Keep your house safe

In case the authorities give the order to evacuate the house. If you are in a area with tornadoes or tsunamis, it is important to seal windows tightly. Any type of construction debris will fly everywhere. It is important to cover your toilet to prevent drainage water from entering the toilet bowl. Close your property and try to travel as light as possible.In case you have pets, try to transport them with food and cage. If it keeps you at home, we recommend that you buy canned food and bottles of water. As well as clean clothes and personal hygiene items.

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